The Best Micro Needling Pen for At-Home Treatment

The search for the quintessential product that will permanently improve your skin’s condition might seem like a never-ending one, but what if the solution is staring you right in the face? The perfect product deals with struggles like acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and loose skin. The good news is that this all-encompassing product actually exists, and it comes in the shape of a micro needling pen! If you are ready to make a positive change and take control of your skin’s health and appearance instead of just waiting for a miracle, then you’ll find everything you need to know within this 10-minute article.

By now, everyone is familiar with the trend of micro needling. There are multiple articles and videos about how celebrities have done it, and internet personalities such as YouTubers, bloggers, and famous skincare enthusiasts have made countless videos about how it has helped their skin. Experts in this field have invented 3 types of instruments that can be used for this procedure:

  • Micro Needling Rollers 
  • Micro Needling Stamps
  • Micro Needling Pens 

One of the most powerful tools when it comes to this type of treatment is the micro needling pen. While other tools such as rollers or stamps don’t require batteries or electricity, this handy little device actually needs to be plugged to work. This is one of the things that makes it especially efficient since you know it’s going to work with a speed and accuracy that’s impossible to achieve by human hand. Before we get into talking about the best micro needling pen for at-home treatments, let’s start by formally introducing the device.  

What is Micro Needling? 

First, let’s explain what micro needling actually is. Micro needling is a special type of skin treatment that involves penetrating the surface levels of the skin with tiny little micro needles. Once the needles penetrate the skin, they create minuscule punctures that activate the skin’s ability to heal itself. You’re basically creating small-scale “injuries” that aren’t actually dangerous and they aren’t visible to the human eye, but they are just enough disturbance to the skin that makes it go “I need to repair myself immediately!” In order to repair itself, the skin rapidly starts producing collagen and elastin, which is exactly what makes it look amazing. 

Depiction of the structure of Collagen on a molecular level

Collagen is a very beneficial protein that our body naturally releases to provide structure and strength. It’s one of the main building blocks for our skin and it makes it look plump and youthful while preventing it from being saggy and wrinkly. Elastin is collagen’s best friend, another protein that is responsible for giving the skin its elasticity which keeps it firm, smooth and soft. 

Did you know:

Our skin starts showing wrinkles and fine lines as a sign of aging because as we get older, the body produces less collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin doesn’t receive as much protein to stay plump and firm, and it loses its youthful appearance.  

Once the skin finishes its self-healing process by releasing all the necessary proteins, the results are visible! The top layer of the skin is completely replenished and renewed, thus making any scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, large pores, or texture irregularities, way less visible! As you keep repeating the treatment, you will keep seeing better results each time, since the skin is constantly going to be restoring itself. 

What is a Micro Needling Pen? 

Now that we’ve learned what micro needling actually is, let’s talk about the device that makes this revolutionary skin treatment possible: the micro needling pen.  

A micro needling pen is an electronic instrument that is used for performing safe and effective micro needling treatments to the skin. It looks like a pen, thus its name, but it’s a little thicker, and don’t worry, it doesn’t leave ink on your skin! The tip of the micro needling pen is actually a hollow cavity that’s specifically built to hold a cartridge.

A Silver Micro Needling Pen for Anti Aging Benefits

The cartridge is a little plastic cylinder that holds the tiny needles that are needed for performing the treatment. On the other end of the pen is a slot for the cable that needs to be connected for the pen to be turned on. There is usually a button that turns the pen on, but some pens just start immediately as you connect them to a source of power. 

Once you turn on the pen, its mechanism moves the needles back and forth, and they begin to penetrate your skin at a safe depth. The tiny punctures that the needles create become micro-channels that allow other skincare products to better absorb into your skin so that you can get the full benefit of all of the ingredients. The miniature injuries that are created during this process are then quickly healed by the skin’s rapid response to the treatment. As a result, any skin concern that you may be experiencing is treated and visibly improved.  

Be Careful and Thoughtful with Your Purchase 

With the increasing popularity of the micro needling treatment in the beauty industry, people became progressively more interested in doing this procedure by themselves, in the comfort of their own home. Professional micro needling treatments are expensive, so people figured they could get the same results for a much lower price if they only purchased the necessary instrument for themselves. 

This created a big market for micro needling tools, so manufacturers of beauty tools immediately started mass-producing all kinds of micro needling devices, in order to satisfy the demand and accommodate the ever-increasing number of consumers.  

Unfortunately, this resulted in the availability of all kinds of devices on the market – good and bad. Many suppliers started selling tools made out of poor-quality materials, which is an extreme setback when it comes to a micro needling pen. As we already learned, the pens are unique by their mechanism which is necessary for the needles to move. They rely on either batteries or electricity in order to work, and anything that requires a power source to be turned on is exposed to the risk of not working if it is poorly manufactured.  

These types of dysfunctional instruments can be found mostly on online retail services or giant online shopping platforms that consist of independent sellers and small businesses. Simply put, platforms which allow anyone to sell any type of product, from anywhere in the world.  

However, people are often in the search for cheap products, thinking they can get the same quality for a much lower price. Expectations of this character lead the average consumer to purchase a device from these massive shopping platforms, not even knowing who they’re buying it from.  

What makes Fine Derma different is the fact that our products regularly go under strict control of quality. In addition, we provide dedicated customer service and 24/7 support for all of your questions, requests, and suggestions. Furthermore, we offer a 100% guarantee that your order will be shipped as soon as your payment is received and it will arrive within the given time period. Needless to say, we guarantee it will arrive fully functional.  

With that being said, for a person that’s hasn’t done thorough research, it’s very easy to purchase a product that isn’t all that good. This is where we enter the picture! Our experts created this guide on what makes a good quality micro needling pen that is worth purchasing. 

What Makes a Good Micro Needling Pen? 

There are several factors that play an important role in the quality of a micro needling pen. We’re going to start from the basics and work our way up to the finest of details. 

  1. Design 

When talking about the design aspect, many people may overlook it, but it actually plays quite an important role in the efficiency and functionality of the product. This is something that we at Fine Derma kept in mind when choosing a product that we’re going to present to our customers. The ideal micro needling pen has a simple, yet functional design. It is understandably made of high-quality materials that are durable and safe. The body of the pen should be easy to handle and fit comfortably in your hand. If it has a little weight to it, that’s a sign that it’s of fine quality.  

The bottom end of the pen should have a little opening for the cable that connects the pen to a power source. Moving further up, the customer should find a little display screen showing a flashy little number that represents the level of speed that the pen is currently set on. These speed levels can be regulated with the click of a button that’s right under the display screen and moves up a level every time it gets clicked. Finally, right under the cartridge, the customer should be able to find a regulator for different needle lengths. The regulator is a circle that goes around the body of the pen and has little numbers that stand for all the needle lengths available. The customer can turn the regulator and set the desired needle length according to the markings.

  1. Type of Cartridge 

The cartridge is a removable tip that holds the micro needles. This part of the micro needling pen is also often called a bayonet. It’s very important that the cartridge needles are grouped in a plastic casing that is lengthy enough to control how much the needles actually stick out. Basically, it’s a safety measure that ensures you that even if you press the pen a little further into your skin, the plastic casing is going to prevent the needles from going any deeper than they should. 

Cartridges Used for Treatment With a Micro Needling Pen
  1. Number of Needles 

Mainly, there are cartridges with 9, 12, 13, 36, and 48 needle pins. The recommended number of needles for at-home micro needling treatments is 12, which is why we only offer cartridges with 12 needles. This number of needles displays the best results and it is safest to use. Anything above is meant for specific skin types and makes for a slightly more complicated procedure that should advisably be done by a professional. Here is some additional information about the remaining each number of needles: 

  • Cartridges with 9 needles have more empty space in between each needle pin and create a smaller number of tiny punctures. They are usually used for treating larger areas.  
  • Cartridges with 13 needles create more evenly distributed micro-channels, due to their formation in the plastic cylinder. 
  • Cartridges with 36 needles are best suited for thicker skin and scar tissues. They create microscopic mini-tears and tiny micro-channels with less trauma. 
  • Cartridges with 48 needles create the highest number of micro-channels in a small space. They are meant for people with more serious skin concerns that require a large number of focused miniature injuries.  
  1. Level of Speed 

The best micro needling pen has up to five speed levels that are regulated with the help of a button. Our micro needling pen has a little screen that displays which speed the pen is currently set on. Keep reading below to find out which speed level is suitable for your needs and skin type.

Changing The Different Speed Levels of a Micro Needling Pen

Set your desired speed

Press the button below the screen to control the speed levels.

  • For thin skin: 

– Use speed levels 1-2 when going over your forehead, nose, lip area, and neck. 
– Use speed levels 2-3 when going over your cheeks, cheekbones, chin, arms, and back. 
– Use speed levels 3-4 when going over your legs. 

  • For thick skin: 

– Use speed levels 1-2 when going over your lip area. 
– Use speed levels 2-3 when going over your forehead, nose, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, and neck. 
– Use speed levels 3-4 when going over your arms and back. 
– Use speed levels 4-5 when going over your legs. 

  1. Depth of Penetration 

A good micro needling pen comes with a regulator that allows the user to adjust the length of the needles according to the user’s skin type and skin concern. The following rules apply: 

  • For thin skin: 

– Use needle length 0.20mm for lip area. 
– Use needle length 0.20mm-0.25mm for forehead and nose. 
– Use needle length 0.25mm-0.5mm for neck. 
– Use needle length 0.50mm-0.75mm for cheekbones and chin. 
– Use needle length 0.50mm-1.00mm for cheeks. 
– Use needle length 1.00mm-1.50mm for arms, legs and back. 

How a Micro Needling Pen Penetrates the Skin and Improves Skin Texture
  • For thick skin: 

– Use needle length 0.25mm for lip area. 
– Use needle length 0.25mm-0.5mm for forehead and nose. 
– Use needle length 0.50mm-0.75mm for neck. 
– Use needle length 0.75mm-1.00mm for cheekbones and chin. 
– Use needle length 1.00mm-2.00mm for cheeks. 
– Use needle length 1.50mm-2.00mm for arms and back. 
– Use needle length 1.50mm-2.50mm for legs. 

Different needle length is also needed for different types of skin concerns. Find the needle length that’s suitable for you, depending on the type of issue that you are treating or the type of skin goal you are targeting: 

  • for better product absorption, use 0.25mm 
  • for hyperpigmentation, use 0.25mm to 1mm 
  • for uneven skin tone and uneven texture, use 0.5mm to 1mm 
  • for wrinkles and fine lines, use 0.5mm to 1.5mm 
  • for loose skin and sun damage, use 0.5mm to 1.5mm 
  • for scarring, use 1.0mm to 1.5mm 
  • for stretch marks, use 1.5mm to 2.5mm 
  1. Cost 

It’s only reasonable that a good micro needling pen is not going to come as cheap as a micro needling roller or a micro needling stamp. We’re talking about an electric device that offers everything essential for a micro needling treatment: a specific number of needles, the speed and depth at which the needles penetrate your skin, and the ability to adjust the needle length. For a high-quality pen with all these valuable assets, any price seems affordable enough.

One thing that is for certain though, is that purchasing your own micro needling pen for at-home use is always going to be a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay to get a treatment professionally done at a beauty center. What you’re getting is a life-long device that you can use for limitless sessions that is still going to provide you with amazing results. That is something worth investing in. 

How to Choose the Best Micro Needling Pen for You? 

If you follow our guide that was carefully put together by our team of experts after extensive research and testing, then you should be good to go and purchase your own micro needling pen.  

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to know who you’re buying from, and what you can expect. Remember that it is always worth it to invest in a good product that benefits your health, wellness, and overall appearance. 

Purchase today from

The most important thing that you can do to make sure your micro needling pen is absolutely fitting for you, is to follow our guide, check which of the pen’s properties are suitable for the issue that you’re targeting, and to know how to regulate it accordingly.  

The only thing left to do is choose the pen that you think will best fit into your beauty products! We offer a variety of colors of the ideal micro needling pen, that has all the necessary design features and functionalities. Are you more of a high-tech skin enthusiast that enjoys when all of your beauty tools have a modern, silver edge to them? Or maybe a glam lover that’s going to brighten up their beauty drawer with our micro needling pen’s pink edition? Maybe you like to keep it classy and luxurious and feel like a celebrity when you’re doing your micro needling treatment with our gold pen? The choice is yours! Whichever one you pick; you can be sure that you’re getting a beauty buddy for life!

How to Use Your Micro Needling Pen? 

Once you have picked and purchased your favorite micro needling pen of the highest possible quality, you should move on to learning how to properly use it. This way you can jump straight to performing your first session as soon as you receive it. And we all know there’s no better feeling than seeing your order has arrived at your door and is ready to be unpacked. In the midst of all that excitement, no one wants to read instructions, right? So, we composed a little how-to manual for you, that consists of all the essential steps for a successful beginner’s micro needling session. You can read through it while you’re waiting for your order to arrive, and gather up all the necessary knowledge right away.  

  1. Unpack Your Micro Needling Pen 

You will receive your micro needling pen neatly packed in an elegant box that is padded on the inside to keep the pen safe and in position. Once you open your box, TA-DA! The pen is soundly laying in its padded bed, wrapped in a little plastic baggie that protects its beautiful color and keeps the surface from getting scratched. You can take your pen out and remove its plastic baggie. The white padded bed where the pen was placed has a little silk handle at the end that you can use to pull out the bed. Once you take it out, you will find beneath it a little plastic cover that shields the bottom layer of the box. In the middle of the plastic cover, there a circular hole that you can use to get a grip on the cover and remove it from the box. Here, at the bottom of the box, you will be able to find the power cord for the pen, neatly packed in a silicone bag and held together by a plastic wire. Underneath it, at the very bottom, lies a user manual that you can use for any further instructions. 

If you order a micro needling pen with needles included, you will receive 10 cartridges, each with 12 needles, for regular use and replacement.  

Did you know:

Each individual cartridge can be used 4 to 6 times before it needs to be replaced with a new one. Because of the needles’ narrow plastic casing, it’s easy for dead skin or product to start clogging up the cylinder, which as a result slows the movement of the needles. 

The cartridges are neatly and securely packed, each in their own individual wrapping. Our cartridges come previously sterilized, so their individual packaging keeps them clean, safe, and impossible to contaminate.

  1. Prepare Your Skin for Treatment 

In order to prepare your skin for the treatment, you will need to make sure that it is clean of any oil, sweat, dirt, makeup, or any other leftover product. It is advisable to thoroughly clean the target area with micellar water, shower gel, or soap. Rinse it with warm water and pat it dry. Make sure it isn’t still wet by the time you start the treatment.  

When treating your skin with a micro needling pen, you need to make sure that it isn’t dry or flaky, so that the pen can glide over the skin smoothly. We would recommend using a moisturizer, hydrating lotion, or serum. Once you’ve completed all these steps and applied the necessary product, your skin is ready for treatment.  

  1. Prepare Your Micro Needling Pen for Treatment 

Once you unpack your micro needling pen and its cartridges, it is time to assemble the pen for use. As we mentioned, our cartridges arrive previously sterilized, so you wouldn’t need to sterilize them for the first use. However, it is advisable to disinfect the cartridge for each following session using an alcohol solution.  


Even though the cartridges are replaceable, we would still recommend that you sterilize them before and after each use. This is a safety measure that you can take to prevent products like serums, toners, or moisturizers from building up on the needle pins. 

In order to assemble the micro needling pen, take the cartridge and screw it onto the tip of the pen. Take the power cable out of the box and put the smaller end of the cable into the slot that’s positioned on the bottom end of the pen. The other end of the cable, aka the USB-like connector, can be plugged into any adapter that has a USB port; you can use the adapter from your phone charger, or even plug the cable into one of the USB ports from your computer or laptop. You can use the pen while it’s connected to the cable, or you can wait for the battery to charge and then use it wirelessly.  

An Assembled Micro Needling Pen with Cartridge for Skin Treatment

The adjustment of needle length can be done before or after you turn on the pen. In order to set the needles to your desired length, twist the regulator that is marked with numbers. Each number represents a certain length, measured in millimeters. The micro needling pen has a little arrow right next to the regulator. When you align the selected number with the arrow, you will know that the needles are set to your desired length.  

When you plug in the pen, you’re going to notice 3 red lines that appear alternating from top to bottom. This means that the pen is charging but isn’t turned on yet. In order to turn on the pen, you need to press the little circular button below the display screen and hold it down until the pen starts vibrating and the display screen shows the number “1”. That is the current level of speed that your micro needling pen is set to. With each following button press, you are able to change the speed level, increasing it by one. The highest speed level is 5. 

  1. Start Your Micro Needling Session 

You’ve got your micro needling pen ready; you’ve got your skin ready, the only thing left to do is to start the session! It doesn’t make much of a difference which part of the body you may be treating, because the same technique applies to all areas of the skin. Follow these steps: 

  • Put the pen on your skin and apply light pressure. There is no need to press too hard because the mechanism of the pen allows the needles to penetrate the skin as deeply as needed.  
A Micro Needling Pen Treatment Being Performed Directly on the Skin
  •  Move the micro needling pen around in small, circular motions of about 3 to 4 repetitions. Don’t hold the pen in one place, especially not for too long. 
  • When you finish doing circular motions over one section of your target area, move over to another section, and repeat. Do the same with all the other sections of your target skin area, until you’ve completely treated the entire surface. 


If you feel your skin has dried at some point during the procedure, feel free to reapply some of your serum, lotion, or moisturizer. Keep your skin hydrated for the entirety of the session.  

  1. Aftercare for Your Micro Needling Pen 

Once you’ve successfully completed your micro needling session, turn off the pen by pressing the button and holding it down until it stops vibrating. If your pen hasn’t been plugged in and you’ve been using it wirelessly, the display screen will simply go black and you will know the pen is turned off. If your pen is plugged into a power source through its cable, the display screen will go back to showing the three blinking lines. If you want to, you can leave it like that to keep charging it, or you can completely turn it off by plugging the cable out. 

The next thing you should do is unscrew the cartridge from the pen. Put the pen back in its box where it can be safely stored until the next session. Take the cartridge alone and soak it in alcohol solution for a few minutes to sterilize it.

Another way to disinfect

You can sterilize your cartridge by spraying it with a disinfectant spray. Make sure the cartridge is not attached to the pen when doing this.

After that, rinse it with warm water and leave it to dry. Make sure the cartridge is completely dry before screwing onto the pen again for your next session. After your cartridge has dried, place it in its wrapping and keep it somewhere safe and dry.  


The cartridge must be separated from the micro needling pen when getting sterilized. It is not advisable to get the pen wet because it might ruin the batteries or its mechanism. Keep it away from water or alcohol.  

  1. Aftercare for Your Skin 

Once you’ve finished your micro needling session, the treated area might look a little bright red, but that isn’t any reason to get worried. That is actually how the skin is supposed to look after treatment, and it appears that way as a result of all the tiny punctures and microchannels that the needles have created. This is what is going to send signals to your skin to release more beneficial proteins and quickly repair itself, resulting in a revitalized appearance.  

The best products to put on your skin after a micro needling session are light serums that aren’t irritable to the skin, and have mild ingredients. Such serums generally contain hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. You can also apply a light cream or moisturizer that doesn’t contain fragrance or alcohol.  

We all know that one key element to maintaining healthy skin is to always wear an SPF, but sometimes we forget to apply it. This should not happen after a micro needling treatment. Make sure to apply a strong SPF the following few days after a session, and expose the treated area as little as possible to direct sunlight. Make sure the treated skin is hydrated at all times.


It is always better to perform your micro needling sessions at night because the skin regenerates faster and more efficiently during our sleep cycle. This way you can also avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight right after a treatment. 

In a Nutshell 

There are many things that need to be considered when choosing the best micro needling pen. It’s best to start with reading up and gaining extensive knowledge about the science of micro needling, and what a micro needling pen is. It’s important to be familiar with all the specifications that a good micro needling pen has to have in order to be fully functional, efficient, and worth the price. Make sure you always choose trustworthy sellers and purchase a tool of certified quality. 

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