Delicate Clear Dermaroller


We are now offering the latest hit product in the beauty industry with a clear, seamless look. The head of the roller is built of small, intricate sections that roll effortlessly across your skin, resulting in a healthy glow! As a bonus, its translucent appearance makes it easy to incorporate into your self-care essentials.

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Clear Dermaroller

Derma rolling targets and rejuvenates the skin’s own natural healing response with the help of microneedling technology. This clear dermaroller is built with rotating disks that roll smoothly over the skin, allowing the experience to feel as comfortable as possible. We offer the most beneficial treatment while minimizing cosmetical procedure downtime.

By incorporating our clear dermaroller into your skincare routine, you can restore your skin’s youthful tightness, speed up the process of reducing uneven skin tone and texture, and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. One very important benefit of dermarolling is that if offers the opportunity for your skin to absorb products a whole lot better! That means you can enhance the effectiveness of the ingredients in your creams, serums, moisturizers, toners and all other skin treatment products that you may be using on the regular.  


Exposing your skin to a new treatment means that the skin might need a little time to adapt to the changes. This means that when you regularly perform microneedling therapy, you need to be extra careful with the treated area. That’s why we recommend using a foaming or antiseptic cleanser to wash your skin the following days after a session. After washing the skin, use a toner to balance the pH balance of the treated area. You can also take vitamin A and C supplements to boost collagen production. Use an SPF product for an extra layer of protection.

How to Use

Step One

Start by soaking your dermaroller in alcohol solution for 5 – 10 minutes to sterilize it.

Step Two

After sterilizing, wash the dermaroller with warm water and put it on a clean surface.

Step Three

Prepare your skin for treatment by cleaning it thoroughly, making sure there isn’t any makeup, oil, or dirt left.

Step Four

Divide your target area into sections and roll each section vertically and horizontally 5 to 6 times.

Step Five

When you’re done rolling, rinse the treated area with clean water only, and pat it dry with a clean pad.

Step Six

Sterilize your clear dermaroller once again and leave it to dry. After it dries off, put it back in its case.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sensation depends on the size of the needle – the larger the needle you introduce, the more intensely you’re going to feel it. It’s very normal to feel a tingling sensation, but at no point should the treatment feel uncomfortable or painful. That’s why it’s advisable to use a light hand, and remember that there’s no need to press hard into your skin. Don’t worry if you notice a slight feeling of inflammation, as that is actually necessary in order to trigger the healing process!

How often you should use your microneedling device depends on the length of the needles that you’re using. According to that, you can use the device:

  • every second day, for 0.25mm needle length
  • 1 to 3 times a week, for 0.5mm needle length
  • once every 2 weeks, for 1.0mm needle length
  • once every 3 to 4 weeks, for 1.5mm needle length
  • every 6 weeks, for 2.0mm to 2.5mm needle length

Some of the initial results can be seen immediately after the treatment. The first thing you’re going to notice is that your skin is going to get tighter and a lot smoother. Another immediate result can be reduction of pores. Although these changes will most likely be small in the beginning, they will still be present after the first session, and are going to become more apparent with more sessions. Research shows that people achieve visible improvement in their skin issues within the first few sessions, due to the accelerated collagen production. However, as with any procedure, the body requires some time to give fresh life and strength to the skin, so remember that continued use will deliver the final results.

You can still do your microneedling treatment while you have active acne, but only if you avoid going exactly over them. The needles shouldn’t come in direct contact with the pimple, so it’s advisable to go around the area without touching the inflamed spot. The good news is when your acne heals you can use our microneedling tool to go over the acne scars and speed up their healing process.

Avoid the areas around the eyes and on your lips since they are especially delicate. Never use a microneedling tool on your eyelids.

There are a few products that are not recommended for use immediately after treatment. These products are mainly chemical exfoliates that have active ingredients. It’s advisable to avoid introducing these products and microneedling at the same time, since starting both simultaneously can be too intense for the skin. If you are already using such products, make sure to stop their usage four to five days before microneedling.

The microneedling products that we offer are very high quality. That being said, even an expensive shaving razor isn’t a permanent product and needs to be replaced after some time, and it’s the same with a microneedling tool. If the tool is being regularly used for facial treatments, it will last approximately seven months before the needles lose their sharpness and become ineffective for the skin. If the tool is used for treatments that cover your entire body, it’s advisable to replace it every two to three months. The needles on our products are medical-grade, so they will not wear out as much, but with time and continual use they will become blunt. For a tool to last as much as it should, it’s advisable to handle it with proper care.

Needle length

0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm


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