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The microneedling pen is the perfect device for visual and noticeable improvement, and the results appear only in a few days from the first treatment. Our pink pen encompasses fabulous design and unimpaired efficiency. Add it to your at-home skincare regimen and we promise that your skin will thank you!

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Pink Dermapen

The dermapen (also known as derma pen) is one of the most highly recommended electronic skincare devices in the beauty industry. This is because they are incredibly safe since they don’t include any treatment with lasers, radiation, or anything similar, yet they are twice as effective. The dermapen has a small disposable head with 12 needles that are positioned in a circular plastic casing. When the pen is turned on, the needles start moving rapidly up and down, thus penetrating the skin. The depth at which the needles reach the skin is safe and controlled due to the plastic casing that doesn’t allow the needles to go any deeper than they should.

Our dermapen comes with multiple needle length and speed options that you can adjust whenever you want, simply by turning the regulator on the pen and setting it to your desired length. This way you can forget about spending hundreds of dollars on different treatments for different issues, and simply target every issue with one single device!


It may seem like this advice is getting a little repetitive, but we cannot stress this enough: Use a sheet mask! Putting on a sheet mask after a dermapen treatment is the best thing that you can do for your skin. The sheet mask is hydrating, gentle on the skin, and it stays on usually for 10-15 minutes, making it ideal for your skin to absorb all of those good ingredients! If you’re treating an area that is not your face, you can use an alternative to a sheet mask, like a hydrating, gentle lotion with ingredients like vitamin C.

How to Use

Step One

Wash your skin and make certain it’s thoroughly cleansed of any makeup, oil, or dirt.

Step Two

Apply a serum on the area you want to treat, making sure your skin is visibly moisturized.

Step Three

Sterilize the cartridge using alcohol solution and screw it on to the pen after it dries.

Step Four

Turn on the pen and go all over the skin with circular motions of about 3 repetitions.

Step Five

Reapply serum before moving on to another section of your skin. Repeat for each section.

Step Six

Turn off the pen, remove the cartridge and sterilize it with alcohol solution once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sensation depends on the size of the needle – the larger the needle you introduce, the more intensely you’re going to feel it. It’s very normal to feel a tingling sensation, but at no point should the treatment feel uncomfortable or painful. That’s why it’s advisable to use a light hand, and remember that there’s no need to press hard into your skin. Don’t worry if you notice a slight feeling of inflammation, as that is actually necessary in order to trigger the healing process!

Each needle length option is meant to target a specific issue:

  • for better product absorption, use 0.25mm
  • for hyperpigmentation, use 0.25mm to 1mm
  • for uneven skin tone and uneven texture, use 0.5mm to 1mm
  • for wrinkles and fine lines, use 0.5mm to 1.5mm
  • for loose skin and sun damage, use 0.5mm to 1.5mm
  • for scarring, use 1.0mm to 1.5mm
  • for stretch marks, use 1.5mm to 2.5mm

How often you should use your microneedling device depends on the length of the needles that you’re using. According to that, you can use the device:

  • every second day, for 0.25mm needle length
  • 1 to 3 times a week, for 0.5mm needle length
  • once every 2 weeks, for 1.0mm needle length
  • once every 3 to 4 weeks, for 1.5mm needle length
  • every 6 weeks, for 2.0mm to 2.5mm needle length

Some of the initial results can be seen immediately after the treatment. The first thing you’re going to notice is that your skin is going to get tighter and a lot smoother. Another immediate result can be reduction of pores. Although these changes will most likely be small in the beginning, they will still be present after the first session, and are going to become more apparent with more sessions. Research shows that people achieve visible improvement in their skin issues within the first few sessions, due to the accelerated collagen production. However, as with any procedure, the body requires some time to give fresh life and strength to the skin, so remember that continued use will deliver the final results.

You can still do your microneedling treatment while you have active acne, but only if you avoid going exactly over them. The needles shouldn’t come in direct contact with the pimple, so it’s advisable to go around the area without touching the inflamed spot. The good news is when your acne heals you can use our microneedling tool to go over the acne scars and speed up their healing process.

Avoid the areas around the eyes and on your lips since they are especially delicate. Never use a microneedling tool on your eyelids.

There are a few products that are not recommended for use immediately after treatment. These products are mainly chemical exfoliates that have active ingredients. It’s advisable to avoid introducing these products and microneedling at the same time, since starting both simultaneously can be too intense for the skin. If you are already using such products, make sure to stop their usage four to five days before microneedling.

Our cartridges come sterilized and securely packed in their own individual wrapping. One single cartridge can be used 4 to 6 times before it needs to be replaced with a new one. Even though the cartridges are replaceable, it is still advisable to disinfect them before and after each use. That way you can prevent the serum or other products from building up on the needles.


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