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Achieve firm, smooth, and plump skin by incorporating a jade roller into your self-care routine, and enjoy that crystal energy. This traditional tool has been used for performing beauty rituals in China since ancient times. The stone’s natural properties help calm your mind, skin, and energy. It is definitely more than just a beauty tool!

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Jade Face Roller

This facial roller is made of pure, natural jade stone which has been ethically mined from the rivers of East Asia. Known as the “imperial gem” in ancient China, the green jade stone is considered to be a lucky stone and is often associated with good health and wealth. It is known to be useful for treating stress and anxiety, as well as strengthening the immune system.

When used for facial massages, this healing mineral reduces inflammation of the skin and depuffs the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. The jade face roller also allows skincare products to better absorb into the skin, while toning the face and improving blood circulation. Some of its other benefits are the ability to brighten skin complexion, and minimize large pores.

Massages with a jade face roller are good for stimulating the lymphatic system, which boosts the drainage of lymph nodes. This is especially beneficial, since hindered lymphatic drainage can lead to puffiness and swelling, which is something nobody wants. That is why the jade face roller is the perfect tool to reduce puffiness and make the face appear slimmer and more toned! Aside from all these benefits, using this tool is a lovely way to wind down and relax before bedtime, or get your blood flowing in the morning.

How to Use

Step One

Prepare your skin for the massage by cleaning it thoroughly and applying a serum, moisturizer, or oil.

Step Two

Start the process by rolling at the neck area using the larger stone, and continue moving upwards.

Step Three

Roll back and forth across the jawline and cheeks, starting from the center of the face towards the ears and hairline.

Step Four

Use the smaller stone to gently roll around your eyes, starting from the inner corner and move outwards.

Step Five

Using the larger stone again, roll vertically on the forehead, starting from the center and move outwards.

Step Six

Switch to the smaller stone again, and roll up-and-down the nose moving in a horizontal motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to using these two tools together, it is advisable to massage your skin with the facial roller first, and then move on to the microneedling procedure. Massaging your skin beforehand can be really helpful in relieving tension from the muscles and getting your blood flowing. Once your skin is warmed up and relaxed, the microneedling treatment is far more efficient, and the improved blood circulation helps in carrying and distributing the collagen a lot better and faster.

After finishing with the treatment, clean your roller by wiping both of the stones with a wet wipe, or a clean, moist towelette. Avoid washing it with water, since it may cause harm to the metal details. Let it air dry, and store it somewhere clean, safe, and dry.

Since facial rollers are completely safe and beneficial for our health and appearance, there really is no downside to them. This means that they can be used as frequently as you would like, though generally they are used once a day as part of the morning or bedtime routine.

Most of the time, even after the massage, your skin will remain hydrated from the serum or moisturizer that you have applied before the treatment. Facial rollers are a good way to evenly distribute your usual skincare products, so you can absolutely stick to your regular routine and keep using the products that work best for you.

If you are performing the massage in the morning, it’s a good practice to apply SPF as soon as you’re done.

If you are using the facial roller before a microneedling treatment, then you should perform the recommended microneedling aftercare regimen.


• Each Facial Roller is handmade, quality checked, and tested by experts.

• Each Facial Roller is made of natural, ethically-sourced materials.

• Due to natural variations in the stones, each roller will be individually unique and vary in color and pattern from the image above.

• The color of the metal details is gold.


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