Obsidian Roller


Reduce puffiness and relieve facial tension by massaging your face with this traditional Chinese beauty tool. Made from natural volcanic glass known as Obsidian, it has a cooling effect on the skin and promotes turnover of damaged cells. All it takes is a few clicks to make it a permanent part of your beauty routine!

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Obsidian Face Roller

Sometimes we just want to sit back and enjoy a gentle massage performed in the comfort of our own home, without going out and spending hundreds of dollars at a spa. Everyone deserves a little me-time, and a budget-friendly tool to go with it! So, what’s better than a gorgeous, elegant facial roller made of pure obsidian glass that feels incredibly smooth on the skin, and is super easy to use? 

The obsidian face roller is a double-sided beauty tool with a wider end for larger surfaces, and a smaller end for sensitive areas that require precision. It helps reduce fine lines and puffiness, while contouring the facial muscles, improving skin elasticity, and soothing the nervous system.  

Since black obsidian is formed from volcanic glass, it’s different than the other stones in a way that it naturally retains warmth. This makes it a very effective tool to use on blemish prone skin and congested areas of the body. The warmth is good for supporting blood circulation and collagen production, and it can even help with sinus issues. The good news is, if you wish to get a cooling effect, you can put the obsidian face roller in the freezer for a few minutes before using it.

How to Use

Step One

Prepare your skin for the massage by cleaning it thoroughly and applying a serum, moisturizer, or oil.

Step Two

Start the process by rolling at the neck area using the larger stone, and continue moving upwards.

Step Three

Roll back and forth across the jawline and cheeks, starting from the center of the face towards the ears and hairline.

Step Four

Use the smaller stone to gently roll around your eyes, starting from the inner corner and move outwards.

Step Five

Using the larger stone again, roll vertically on the forehead, starting from the center and move outwards.

Step Six

Switch to the smaller stone again, and roll up-and-down the nose moving in a horizontal motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to using these two tools together, it is advisable to massage your skin with the facial roller first, and then move on to the microneedling procedure. Massaging your skin beforehand can be really helpful in relieving tension from the muscles and getting your blood flowing. Once your skin is warmed up and relaxed, the microneedling treatment is far more efficient, and the improved blood circulation helps in carrying and distributing the collagen a lot better and faster.

After finishing with the treatment, clean your roller by wiping both of the stones with a wet wipe, or a clean, moist towelette. Avoid washing it with water, since it may cause harm to the metal details. Let it air dry, and store it somewhere clean, safe, and dry.

Since facial rollers are completely safe and beneficial for our health and appearance, there really is no downside to them. This means that they can be used as frequently as you would like, though generally they are used once a day as part of the morning or bedtime routine.

Most of the time, even after the massage, your skin will remain hydrated from the serum or moisturizer that you have applied before the treatment. Facial rollers are a good way to evenly distribute your usual skincare products, so you can absolutely stick to your regular routine and keep using the products that work best for you.

If you are performing the massage in the morning, it’s a good practice to apply SPF as soon as you’re done.

If you are using the facial roller before a microneedling treatment, then you should perform the recommended microneedling aftercare regimen.


• Each Facial Roller is handmade, quality checked, and tested by experts.

• Each Facial Roller is made of natural, ethically-sourced materials.

• Due to natural variations in the stones, each roller will be individually unique and vary in color and pattern from the image above.

• The color of the metal details is gold.


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